Things I Wish Were On My PGCE But Weren't

I've thought of a number of things that I encountered as an NQT that I just wasn't prepared for properly. I've identified areas of study that I think should be present on PGCE and other ITT courses that would enable teachers to be ready for those situations. 

A lot of people describe their ITT as being irrelevant, and I think this is where the current desire to move ITT from the lecture hall and into schools comes from. This is widely condemned as not the right way to go, which I agree with, and instead, this is what I think ITT should consist of.

There are a lot of personal accounts in this series of posts, and quite often the solution to them was just to do my own research and learning off my own back and using my own initiative. This is fine, but it meant that students suffered in the meantime while I did that, and first encounters where often not good.

I would really welcome comments on what I've written as well as suggestions for other things you would include in your 'dream ITT'.


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