Things I Wish Were On My PGCE But Weren't: Number 7 How To Plan

Planning was something I really struggled with as an NQT, but in quite a specific way. I guess when you think about instructing someone in the correct way to plan schemes of work and lesson plans then you would think about starters, mains and plenaries, aims, objectives and outcomes, and other boxes that appear on planning documents.

I was taught what all of those where, how to use them properly and even how not to get them mixed up. So I knew what all the boxes were and what they meant. But, I was never taught what to write in them.

What I mean by that, is that I really didn’t understand how to convert the national curriculum or a set of specifications into a scheme of work or a lesson plan. I didn’t know how much time to spend on each area mentioned, how to make sure I was covering everything, or how literally to take the specifications.

I saw the words, “Signal Flow Path” mentioned in small print in Music Tech AS specifications and didn’t know whether to spend a lesson teaching it, to mention it in each lesson as vocabulary, or to include it in practical sessions, or all 3. Or whether all the small print should get similar thorough treatment.

I did go to my NQT mentor with this problem, who said they would look at the specifications and write their own scheme of work from it, but, that this was their whole weekend wasted. The scheme of work that came back, being from a teacher of a completely different subject, was completely unusable.

So I taught myself what to do, by getting in touch with other Music Tech teachers and asking them very specific questions, by scouring the internet and by going through every piece of curriculum and qualification documentation with a microscope.

I guessed basically. I wish someone could have told me, properly. 


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