Teacher Support Network Report On Teacher's Mental Health

The Teacher Support Network has posted twice in the past few days about the mental health of teachers, talking about their own study today, and citing findings of the NUT yesterday.

Across both articles, it is stated that 96% of teachers who took the survey have had their wellbeing effected by workload, and that half of the workforce nationally were signed off sick for more than 2 weeks in the last year.

Statistics are great, and add weight to the message of the Teacher Support Network, the NUT and my own point as well. However, it could be said that a person is more likely to take the Teacher Support Network survey if their wellbeing has been effected, and the NUT statistics don't state exactly why those teachers were off sick and what proportion of it was for mental health issues.

What I find most compelling is the ease with which studies like this uncover harrowing personal tales, some of which are detailed in these articles. They include suicide, severe relationship and family problems and numerous health problems related to stress. 


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