About this blog

This blog is a response to the high number of teachers who are being treated badly at work.

Managers in schools and colleges are consistently failing in their duty of care and there is an unchallenged culture of institutional bullying.

Bullying of teachers is endemic. The main ways in which teachers are bullied are with excessively high workloads, scapegoating and constant invasive criticism. This comes from many sources, managers, colleagues, parents, students, the government and the media.

Not only that, but teachers are being forced to work in high risk and hostile environments with little support.

This blog is a cry for help from the front line of modern education in the UK.

I maintain that the bad treatment of teachers is the sole cause of the low standards and poor achievement of students in schools today.

What this blog can do for you

I offer off the record, astute advice for teachers who are experiencing poor working conditions and bullying. I cannot offer legal or human resources advice, but I can tell you where to get it, and I can tell you exactly what goes on in the unwritten rule book. I hope by doing this I can empower teachers, and help you navigate yourself to a solution you’re happy with.

About me

I did a PGCE in 11-18 Music graduating in 2006. When I started work I was put under impossible working conditions, bullied and used as a scapegoat. I had two attempts at completing my NQT year, but never made it. I suffered mental illness because of my experiences. I now work in an unrelated industry.

If you think I can help you, then email me