Things I Wish Were On My PGCE But Weren't: Number 5 How to support SEN students

The first time I learned about autism was when I had an autistic student in my class and I googled it. This happened each time I met a new student with special needs. The first meeting was never a good one. It was only as I built up my own research, and as I worked directly with the students that I had any knowledge of this at all.

On my PGCE I was lead to believe that SEN support was a specialised role and that I wouldn’t have anything to do with it whatsoever. Unless I decided that was the path for me and I went to work specifically in special schools.

I would have liked to have been taught about statementing and how that is used in schools, as well as the different support staff I would be working with and how to work with them properly. I would have liked an overview of the most common types of special needs I would encounter, and how best to support students with those conditions in my class.

Perhaps then I would have been more prepared and those first meetings with those students wouldn’t have been so hit and miss. 

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