Senior Managers To Be Given More Power To Sack Teachers

Apparently, there are incompetent teachers working on the front line of education all over the country, teaching bad lesson after bad lesson, not doing their job properly and getting away with it with no consequences. Heads need more power to get rid of these teachers and get rid of them quickly. There are no more details on exactly how that is to be achieved.

There are teachers who are teaching bad lessons: I agree with that statement. I disagree that the reason for this is because they are incompetent. It is because they are being put under impossible working conditions. 

Senior managers already can get rid of a teacher, sometimes from the profession completely, not just from their own school, with little fuss. Performance criteria can already be twisted to fit personal agendas too much so that even if there is no more evidence that a teacher is under performing other than a 'general bad feeling', one can be created.

I would welcome the reforms if it meant senior managers had to give more evidence before putting a teacher on capability procedures, and if they had to be more transparent about where they had got their information from and on what evidence they were basing it. 

But it sounds as if the reforms will mean they have to do that less. I can live in hope for the when the details are revealed I guess.


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