Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 9: Supply Teacher

Supply teaching is probably the first place teachers look to for an alternative job. It can be done on a day to day, or a longer term, although still temporary basis, covering maternity leave for example. Travel is going to be a major factor in your work, so a car is very useful, and a sat nav, in case of those last minute early morning bookings when there is not time to read a map or practice the route. There will be less planning and paperwork and you will be able to refuse to work at schools that aren’t right for you.

Experience as a teacher is not only relevant, it is mandatory. You will be required to deliver lessons outside of your subject specialism, and will have to deploy behaviour management techniques that can be carried out in the time you are with the class. Your planning skills will be used to prepare resources in case there is no work left by the regular teacher, and on longer term supply posts. You will need to build relationships with schools so that they ask you back by name.

Typical salary:
£100 - £160 per day

Typical tasks:
Delivering work left by the regular teacher, leaving reports and feedback, building up resources in case there is no work left, planning lessons on longer term posts, behaviour management, travelling at short notice, building relationships.

Current issues:
Demand for supply work is very high due to the lack of jobs for new graduates, and a lot of schools are choosing to cover lessons internally to save money. There is not much work of this type going, so much so that some professionals describe it as ‘dead’. You may be asked to work as a cover supervisor, rather than supply teacher, for which you will receive a lower rate. It is common for supply agencies to forget to call you back, so you will need to be persistent when registering.

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