Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 10: Technician

There are many subject specific technicians in schools and colleges, including ICT, Design and Technology, Art, Science and Performing Arts. A teacher in one of these areas might possess the skills necessary to be a technician in their subject. There would be less planning, no delivery and less student contact, and more relevance to the original subject rather than to teaching that subject.

The requirements do vary, for example music teachers may not know enough about electronics and technology to become a music department technician, while art technicians may spend most of the time preparing resources, something which an art teacher would be more than capable of. The ability to communicate and manage students would be prized, and some technicians will also act as teaching assistants and cover supervisors.

Typical salary:
 £13,000 - £16,000

Typical tasks:
Preparing resources for use in class, managing resources, managing and caring for equipment, managing an equipment budget, supervising lessons, assisting in delivery of lessons, delivering and supporting extracurricular activities, administration.

Current issues:
In the current economic climate, specialist support staff would probably be the first types of jobs to be made redundant. It could also go the other way, where your job may be merged with that of a subject teacher and you are required to take on more and more teaching duties.

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