Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 8: Learning Support


Similar in rank to a teaching assistant, learning support differs in that they are more likely to be situated outside of the classroom in a dedicated learning support centre. Sometimes the term is used interchangeably with a classroom teaching assistant, so do check the job description. They are also sometimes called learning mentors. Students will be sent to them for extra support with work outside of the classroom, and they may also be involved with SEN.


Some higher level teaching assistants are required to provide cover and deliver some lessons, so this may be required of a learning support assistant. Any experience with supporting SEN students will be relevant, as well as general skills developed in terms of communicating effectively with students. Target setting and report writing will form a large part of the work, so experience as a personal or form tutor is exceptionally applicable.

Typical salary:

£15,000 - £20,000

Typical tasks:

Helping students complete homework and assignments, producing reports on progress, setting specific targets with students, supporting students with SEN, covering some lessons, supporting delivery of lessons, supporting specific students in class.

Current issues:

The rise of the support staff who are required to cover lessons has lead some people to view roles such as this as ‘teaching on the cheap’. In a mentor role, you may be required to work with the most troubled pupils, which these days can be distressing.

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