ATL Survey: Over A Quarter of Teachers Have Been Bullied

I'm so excited by this survey, as I have believed for a long time that bullying is absolutely rife in education. This survey, conducted by the ATL who surveyed over 900 primary, secondary, and further education staff, is conclusive proof that this is true. 

250 teachers who took this survey have been bullied, who state they suffered from stress and anxiety as a result. How many teachers in the UK are actually in the process of being bullied right now?

The highest percentage of those doing the bullying was senior staff. When this happens, it is much more difficult to overcome, because of the issue of references, professional reputation and the sense that 'my card has been marked'. 

Honestly, how are teachers supposed to promote a positive learning environment and safeguard children from bullying, when there is nothing to safeguard themselves from it in place?

I'm interested in how the bullying of teachers can be reduced, and what is actually going to be done with the results of this survey. The ATL seem to cite that senior staff are under pressure and are stressed themselves, and this manifests as treating staff badly. Senior staff should be put under less pressure, and the problem will be resolved, the report seems to suggest.

Personally I think more individual senior staff members should be made accountable for the wellbeing, or not wellbeing as the case may be, of staff. I also think that NQTs should be seen still 'in training' at that particular establishment, and their ongoing career success is a reflection on the quality of the training they received.


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