Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 7: Cover Supervisor

A cover supervisor will mind the class in the absence of the regular teacher. They will not plan or ‘teach’ lessons, but will explain tasks and ensure they are completed. Behaviour management is a key task, still. Jobs are available on a permanent basis through schools, but are also available through supply agencies on temporary and day to day contracts.

Skills developed in behaviour management will be of the most use in this job. Actual teaching skills are not required, but could be of use, as part of behaviour management involves proper engagement.

Typical salary:
£17,000 – £20,000

Typical tasks:
Covering lessons, dealing with pupil behaviour, following up on pupil behaviour issues, following instructions left by teachers, reporting back to teachers, break and lunch duties.

Current issues:
The rise of the support staff who are required to cover lessons has lead some people to view roles such as this as ‘teaching on the cheap’. If working through a supply agency, you may be asked to do this type of work rather than supply teaching, as most schools won’t pay the higher rates.

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