New Teachers Want To Quit In The First Week

I am absolutely shocked to see the number of NQTs starting their first posts this week who are already feeling the need to post on TES Connect Forums about how they cannot cope and want to quit.

A lot of them are citing workload and bullying behaviour that is leading to stress, anxiety and depression. After a week! This is not the way normal new professionals feel. Most are very upset to hear that they cannot leave now until the end of the autumn term, and are feeling like there is no way they will last that long.

It's heartbreaking to read. Go and have a look:

its all toooooo much!!!!
NQT help, being dismissed
Feeling like giving up?
feeling very overwhelmed already!!!
Help me please


Fred Tracy said...

I remember a new teacher we had in middle school. One of her classes actually made her cry I making fun of her name.

I don't know how much teachers make over in Great Britain, but they should definitely be paid more for having to deal with this crap in Oklahoma.

The Edudicator said...

Ah see I bet she got bollocked for not being thick skinned enough and for allowing that sort of behaviour to happen in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Out of 30+ people in my PGCE group last year, about 20 took on NQT posts. Of those, about half intend to leave the profession either during or immediately after the NQT year.

Main reasons: no work-life balance, badly behaved pupils, low pay, 'blame the teacher' culture, feeling unappreciated, daily exhaustion...

We all knew it would be a tough job, but we're all starting to think its a shit job too.

The Edudicator said...

Thanks for reading and commenting! I know, it's one thing it being a tough job and another it being impossible... there is a difference that I don't think is acknowledged.

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