Ten Statistics That Should Be Researched

When writing for this blog, I'm often quite aware that I'm sometimes very vague. I rely on statements like, "Most teachers think that..." or, "The general consensus in schools is..." and I'm just basing it on my own personal experiences and what others have told me about their experiences.

I would like to be able to back up my core message, which is that teachers are suffering too much, and some of my more detailed points with evidence. I've thought of ten things that I'd like to know the statistics of that I think would back up everything I'm trying to do on this blog.

The plan for the future is that at some point I'm actually going to gather this data somehow, so I will be building on what I've written here, and this is just the beginning. I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what I'll be posting over the next few weeks in the form of comments.

Number 10 Number Breaking Down At Work
Number 9 Number Of Protests And Industrial Actions
Number 8 Number Of Investigative Reports
Number 7 Number Of Posts Readvertised
Number 6 Number Of Support Networks Available
Number 5 Number of cries for help on professional networks
Number 4 Number of NQT drop outs


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