Managers Are All Great, Teachers Are All Rubbish, Says Chief of Ofsted

Christine Gilbert, Ofsted's Chief Inspector, has blasted teachers in her final speech before leaving her post. 

She said that outstanding grades were more often awarded to leadership and management, rather than the standard of teaching. She recommended more observations of teachers.

For a start, simply watching and measuring something doesn't make it better. Secondly, I think this shows just how completely out of touch she is with what's happening at the chalk face that it's laughable. Most teachers, who are the ones in the classroom all day, will tell you that the actual state of affairs is the opposite.

Is it not the way of grading that is to blame? Is it not too easy to get an outstanding for leadership, and too hard to get an outstanding for teaching? If you can call the exam system for being flawed, then you can call this method of assessment too.

The 'Ofsted' way of teaching is widely accepted to be a bit silly, with a focus on 'edutainment' and expecting teachers to control things that they are just not able to. When things like that seem to be under control, it is just a fluke. If we all taught as if Ofsted were there all the time, we'd be physically capable of teaching 2 lessons a week. 

It's just more teacher bashing. And I just know that Ofsted's recommendations are going to increase workload and stress for teachers, who are already at breaking point in those areas.


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