Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 6: Librarian

Many librarians, particularly school and public librarians, started in teaching. Although the two roles are quite dissimilar, their philosophies are the same, in that you will be supporting and facilitating learning. There will be less direct responsibility for students and less planning and delivering lessons, although this could form some of your work. If it does you will be less accountable for it’s success.

The ability to communicate and work with students effectively will be useful, and some school librarians do plan and deliver lessons on ‘information literacy’ and related topics. Knowledge of how resources can support learning will be used daily, but this is really where the relevance ends. You might need to add to your skill set before a library post will be offered.

Typical salary:
£19,000 - £23,000

Typical tasks:
Acquiring and cataloguing stock, managing stock including issuing, discharging, shelving and tidying, managing pupil registrations, planning and delivering library talks and inductions, planning and delivering information literacy sessions, advocacy.

Current issues:
Many schools and colleges are making their existing librarians redundant completely to save costs, and are using a mixture of other staff to run the library on a sort of ‘duty’ scheme. In public libraries, many local councils have a freeze on job applications from external staff and are also subject to redundancies and closures. In short, the job market is dire.

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