Top 10 Reasons To Leave Teaching: Roundup

More reasons to leave teaching

Inflexible working times
It’s not just the lack of flexi-time available, and the rigidity of the school’s year planner, but also the fact that during lessons you are not free to even so much as use the bathroom or answer the phone.

Culture of blaming teachers
It has been mentioned throughout all the reasons above that teachers are the only point of call for blame on anything that goes wrong in the class room. This is only set to get worse.

Poor job availability
It has recently been widely documented on the large numbers of recent teaching graduates unable to find a position and the lack of supply work available.

Expectation to teach outside of specialism
I do not know any teacher who has only taught the subject for which they were trained to teach: from General Studies and Citizenship, to subjects you took 3 weeks of an AS level in.

Cuts / lack of resources
A lot of teachers are teaching on a shoestring as it is, and this is only going to get worse. This also impacts on the quality of staff.

Scrutiny of personal life
As a teacher, you cannot do anything outside of work that could be deemed irresponsible or badly behaved, or is contrary to the aims of the school.

More parental responsibilities
Teachers are being made to do the job of parents more and more, with things like sex education and potty training being expected to be taught.


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