Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 5: Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant will support teachers and students in the classroom as lessons are occurring. They may be attached to a specific student and may require training in SEN, but this is not always the case. There will be less work in terms of behaviour management, as the lead will be taken from the teacher, although you will be required to support this.

Teaching experience is directly relevant, and some higher level teaching assistants are expected to plan and deliver lessons. The ability to communicate with students will be put to good use, and there are many tasks that overlap with that of a teacher, such as setting targets and monitoring progress.

Typical salary:
£13,000 - £19,000

Typical tasks:
Supporting delivery of lessons, classroom based admin tasks e.g. photocopying worksheets, monitoring student behaviour and work rate, monitoring students against set targets, planning and delivering some lessons, supporting SEN students, report writing.

Current issues:
The amount of specialist training available to teaching assistants means that your skills in teaching may not be seen to be directly relevant. You must have a good, watertight reason why you no longer want to lead the class as a teacher. Some teaching assistant posts that are attached to a child are also dependant on external funding, and the post will cease when the funding does.

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