Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 2: Subject Related Industry

Most subjects have a corresponding ‘industry’, and if you can’t figure out what it is, then just think about this: if you had to get a professional in to talk to your class, what would they do? It could take a great many different forms, and you get to choose which form it takes. Some teachers already have experience in their industry, particularly in FE, and they have come to teaching after it. Why not go the other way and move from teaching into industry?

Some people agree with the saying, that, “You don’t have to know it to teach it,” and so you may have to brush up on your subject knowledge, and it’s practical application. A lot of industry doesn’t use the subject in it’s ‘pure’ form, for example the arts industry may require events management skills, so you may need additional skills that you’ve never used before. If you teach in the post 16 sector, you may have supported students who are now professionals in the industry.

Typical salary:

Typical tasks:

Current issues:
In the current economic climate, certain businesses are struggling, and so it may be difficult or impossible to join certain companies or start your own in certain areas. There are a lot of recent teaching graduates who are unable to find first posts, and so you may be in competition with these.

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