A Primary Teacher Shares Details of Excessive Workload

I just discovered this blog, linked to at the bottom of this post. She's a primary teacher posting anonymously about the trials and tribulations of her job. 

The fact that a lot of teachers need to remain anonymous when speaking out like this is an issue in itself. I have followed some blogs that aren't, only for a post to later appear that they are taking the blog down because SMT have got wind of it. 

I don't know any other career that gags it's workers from talking about their job like this, except in a legal sense. 

Anyway, the most interesting post I found on this blog was a list of the changes to her working practice that were required to be put into force since the start of the school year. It's very long, and the requests come from a range of sources. She also states that it is incomplete and is just an example drawn from the top of her head. 

Constantly changing is not the same as constantly improving.


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