Academic Subjects Only - Post Ten of "Ten Reforms That Might Just Work"

There’s a lot of talk about how some subjects are easier than others, and how universities particularly prefer A levels in certain subjects over others, no matter what course you’re applying for. Subjects preferred are the purely academic ones, like science and history, and those shunned are subjects such as performing arts and media studies.

I guess you’re arguing here in the essential point of education in the first place. Is it to prepare students for life, to prepare students for work, or are they purely academic institutions? There are other potential purposes I could think of.

Anyway, if you take it that schools and colleges are academic institutions, then why teach subjects that displease higher academic institutions in this way? What if you knocked them off the curriculum completely, and just taught purely academic subjects that were never questioned of their merit at all.

I know of some teachers who would love this idea. I hate it. For a start, what about my subject, Music? Does that count as a lofty, classical instrument based hobby of the truly intellectual, or the messing about of scruffy guys on guitar using tablature instead of a score?

How do you decide whether to include subjects or not? Some subjects, like mine, could be included in part only. And what about those other reasons for education to exist, to prepare students for life and work? Don’t they matter?

It’d be nice, and it’d be easier to discipline which is a massive plus and exactly what education needs. I can definitely see the attraction.


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