Edublog Awards 2011 - My Nominations

The Edublog Awards are an annual incentive for educational bloggers everywhere, started because of the fact that many schools and colleges actively discourage their teachers from reading, participating in and writing blogs themselves. I think you can guess how I feel about that.

I am absolutely in love with the process of blogging, and part of that passion involves me reading a lot of other blogs. I often draw a lot of my learning and inspiration for posts from other bloggers, and I've chosen my favourite three to nominate this year. 

Best Individual Blog: Tom Bennett - The Behaviour Guru
Tom's style of writing makes me laugh out loud, and he is always right on the button. I particularly like his ability to point out the ridiculousness of most new government schemes in the minutest of detail. I admire the fact that he is allowed to talk like this without his school hitting the roof about him not being 'on message'. He must be that good.

Andrew knows about everything, and his writing is very academic and evidence based, to the point where you can't possibly argue with him. But people try. Oh how they try. And fail. It's great fun to watch him arguing people down. Immensely authentic and I like in particular how he talks through the philosophical aspects of pedagogy, calling bulls*** where he sees it.

Best Group Blog: Voice Union - Voice Blog
This is the official blog of Voice the union, written by Richard Fraser. I use union websites to keep up with news, and I learn a lot from the press releases from the main teaching unions. This union has a blog, a very interactive blog, and is much more upfront and politically incorrect than your average union press release. I love the guerilla nature of it.


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