Top Ten Things I've Learned From This Blog: Number 8 Teaching theories are mostly crap

A future series I've already written but not published yet lists ten of them, but I bet there are more that you can think of, and I bet that there will be more in the future. As I've detailed in those posts, even the ones I initially believed in turned out to be rubbish after a few years of putting them into practice.

I think it’s their faddy nature, and the fact that they are billed to be silver bullets, and we all fall for it. Although a lot of them make sense, and are true, none of them are actual ‘game-changers’, although they are hyped up and enforced as if they are.

I don’t believe anything will ever replace consistency, motivating students (whether positively or negatively) and supporting teachers on the frontline. In my opinion, getting those fundamentals right falls by the wayside when a new and shiny educational theory pops up to distract everyone.

I’ve written a lot already about particular theories that I think are crap, so I’ll use this post to make a prediction of what I think will happen in the future. I think that schools will be asked to embrace ‘transliteracy’ and students will be labelled according to whether they prefer to read from books, from periodicals, from websites, from social media or from blogs. You will have to put all five of them in your lessons!

Would you like to make a prediction of teaching theories you think will appear in the near future?


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