Teachers Who Are Bullied Are Not Taken Seriously

In a similar way to the last post, calling bullying is seen as a way to hit back at managers who are simply doing their jobs and managing your poor performance. The general consensus is that a teacher who claims they are being bullied is randomly grabbing at anything they can in order to turn the tide back in their favour. Why is the tide so against teachers to begin with?

It’s perfectly possible to find a bullying manager in any profession, and it is very important to have measures in place to deal with it if it occurs. Bullying happens when a manager fails in their duty of care towards staff members. In teaching, it seems to happen more often than average, and my own opinion as to why this happens is that the system favours and promotes the kind of people who are capable of bullying.

The most common ways in which teachers are bullied are making unreasonable demands in terms of workload, constant negative criticism of a teacher’s practice using excessive assessment as evidence, and expecting the teacher to make changes in areas they have no control over.

I almost think that allegations of bullying are seen as a badge of honour in management teams, in that it shows you are running a ship so tight that it is running along the edge of being too tight on it’s staff.

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