Top Ten Frustrations As A Teacher: Number 2 Not enough time to complete all paperwork

Paperwork is mentioned a lot by teachers who are unhappy. It takes many forms, and can include lesson plans, schemes of work, reports, preparing resources, writing hand outs, composing example work, writing letters home, marking, feedback and any other proforma the senior management of your institution decide to bring into force.

Lesson plans in some places are required to be completed all of the time, and in 5 minute increments or less. Is any other career path required to itemise their time in this much detail and for 100% of the time like this?

A lot of what is required is also based on the new way of working du jour, and it might include something as specific as an extra 2 columns on a scheme of work that requires it to be rewritten entirely.

It’s needless, and it’s excessive. It’s all based on a culture of mistrust, and of being able to prove that something is or isn't being done properly.

The more time a teacher spends typing/writing then the less time they spend in front of students teaching. Also work/life balance becomes an issue and health ultimately suffers.

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Does paperwork take priority over teaching and learning for you?


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