Purpos/ed - Futur/ed

I'm very pleased to announce my involvement in the Futur/ed audio recording project brought to you by Purpos/ed. For this I will be answering the two questions:

A) How should we educate people in the future?
B) What do we need to be doing now to enable that?

Purpos/ed are, "...a non-partisan, location-independent organization aiming to kickstart a debate around the question: What’s the purpose of education?"

I will be posting my recording on Monday 6th June, both as part of the project, and on here. I of course will be highlighting the importance of looking after teachers to enable a properly functioning education system. I won't talk for long, I promise!

The project includes recordings made by several other educators, all of us posting on a particular day throughout the month of June. The other participants include:


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