Top Ten Frustrations As A Teacher: Number 9 Inconsistent assessment of performance

Quite often, teachers report that a certain member of staff will grade their lesson observations significantly lower than other staff. This is despite the teacher feeling that the two lessons were of a similar standard. The grading criteria for lessons are too subjective, and allow people to see what they want in a lesson, and grade accordingly.

This leaves teachers confused as to what exactly they are doing wrong. Even when specific targets are given, they may be so far removed from how that teacher actually works as to be ineffective.

It is not just in lesson grading, but in other aspects of performance management as well. Advice is often so detailed as to be personal in their nature, and therefore based entirely on personal opinions and feelings of the staff giving the appraisal.

Performance advice like this may take the appearance of being specific and relevant, by use of old hat systems like SMART, when in fact it is of no use whatsoever. But a box has been ticked, and if that advice is not taken, then the blame is placed at the teacher’s door. 

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