Top Ten Frustrations As A Teacher: Number 10 Lack of Resources

There are a lot of ideas for interesting lessons that simply can’t be executed due to lack of resources. There are only a limited number of ways in which someone can make pen, paper and desks in straight lines inspiring. And that is so far removed from how a student might actually go about finding something out for themselves, it also makes whatever activities are planned completely irrelevant.

It may be something on a smaller scale than that though: you might not have enough computers to allow one per student for example, which forces you to work in pairs or rotate two halves of the class. Logistically, a lack of resources can make life very difficult.

You may have subject specific resources, or new text books, required for your students to even complete the course. Often, there can be a big delay between requesting them and them actually arriving. What progress can be made in the meantime?

Also, simply having a certain resource can make admin tasks like collecting in work much simpler. A printer in the classroom is easier than requiring students to visit the LRC before lessons, for example. This would free up more time for actual teaching and learning to occur.

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Have you ever not had adequate resources to teach in the way you are expected?


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