Top Ten Frustrations As A Teacher 5 Use of unqualified staff

More and more, unqualified staff are being left to teach classes. They are expected to plan more of the lessons, for longer amounts of time, and this is purely to save money.

Supply teaching no longer exists, as schools are only willing to employ cover supervisors at a cheaper rate, or cover everything internally by their own cover supervisors and teaching assistants. These professionals are not expected to be able to teach, but are expected to manage behaviour in the same way that teachers do.

Having work set and it’s completion supervised should only happen on a short term basis, and in an emergency. But things are slipping through the net, and unqualified staff are covering long term absences, and some are being given planning duties.

It amounts to undermining the role that teachers undertake. If this trend continues, then all lessons will be planned centrally by one qualified individual, and the work towards them will just be supervised and marked by unqualified individuals. There will be no teachers.

Where does this leave the students?

Have you witnessed an unqualified member of staff taking over the teaching of a group?


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