Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 4: Information, advice and guidance

To get a full time job where you just work in this area, you will most likely work for an external body, the most well known of which used to be Connexions. You might also be based within student services in an educational institution. It’s also possible to pick up work in a self employed or consultation type way, although this is more for career advisers and recruitment specialists working with adults.

The older the students that you teach are, then the more likely you are to have done this as part of your job already. Work as a personal tutor of any type will also involve work like this, which you will be able to draw on in your new role. You will need knowledge of all subjects in equal measures and of all pathways and qualification levels, so make sure your experience is varied.

Typical salary:
£20,000 - £25,000

Typical tasks:
Advising students on course choices, advising students on services within an institution, advising students on career pathways, using diagnostic tools such as questionnaires and surveys, managing advocacy events, guidance during enrolments and course changes, monitoring targets and action plans, working with other institutions to keep information up to date.

Current issues:
Services in IAG are under threat and subject to review under the current economic climate, and Connexions has become part of Directgov Young People. Many educational institutions are choosing to dispense of their student support staff as it is sometimes viewed as a duplication of provision where personal tutors are in place.

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