Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 3: Private Tuition

Private tuition will involve working one to one, or in very small groups, with students. Generally, private tutors are self-employed, but as additional tuition is becoming more popular, increasingly tutors are working for agencies. Those most in demand are the core subjects of Maths and English, but private lessons are also arranged for languages, music and sport. There will be much less work in terms of behaviour management, although inspiring motivation will be just as important.

Lesson planning and delivering will still be key tasks and so classroom teaching experience will be directly relevant. The emphasis will be on working to qualification specifications, getting results and improving achievement so knowledge of this is very important. Managing behaviour, motivation and engagement are very different in small groups and individual sessions, but are just as difficult.

Typical salary:
£15 - £30 per hour

Typical tasks:
Planning and delivering lessons to individuals and small groups, self marketing and promotion, working to specifications and set achievement targets, liaising with other teachers and tutors that the student is involved with, supporting and managing exam admission, monitoring homework, coursework and directed study.

Current issues:
More students and their parents are turning to individual private tuition to boost achievement and grades so there is plenty of work in this market. More and more agencies dealing in this type of teacher are appearing. Self employment will always form part of your work, and you may need some additional marketing skills.

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