Careers To Try After Teaching: Number 1: Self Employment

Many people on leaving their first choice of career use that as a catalyst to become entrepreneurs, starting businesses in areas they have always been interested in. A lot of modern career advice advocates considering what exactly you most enjoy doing, and building a business around that. Businesses are built around anything, and everything, and can involve a mixture of all the things you love most.

It’s highly unlikely someone would want to start a business around something that they can’t do yet, so you already have the fundamental skills required to underpin the work. Knowledge of business itself can be built on as the venture grows. It’s down to you to make your business relevant to you.

Typical salary:

Typical tasks:
Variable depending on nature of business, but may also include:
Self promotion and marketing, managing financial statements and balance sheets, overseeing production and distribution, conducting business meetings, administration.

Current issues:
In the current economic climate, certain businesses are struggling, and so it may be difficult or impossible to start your own in certain areas. There is a definite increase in people becoming self employed, particularly in producing ‘start up’ companies, so competition will be tough.

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