Only Teach Students Who Want To Learn - Post Seven of "Ten Reforms That Might Just Work"

I first came across this idea on TES Connect forums as part of a discussion on behaviour. The basis is that when students begin to complain that they don’t want to be there, can’t see the point, or that they are bored, then they are out of the door. They can only return when they can prove that they want to learn.

It would definitely solve a lot of behaviour problems. It would also teach those students a very valuable lesson in exactly how important education is to their life. I agree a lot of problems that occur in the classroom are caused by the fact that the teacher has to have them in there, no matter what.

But I can’t see it working logistically. Where would all those students who have been excluded go? Parents would have to stay at home from work, street corners would be full of the worst kind of students and I guarantee an already stretched police service would be unable to cope.

There would be extra staff needed to monitor where all these students had gone, and to manage their return. And what about the stubborn students, who never return? They are doomed to a life with no skills, without work, and on benefits. This is already a massive problem in society, and it would just add to it.

To me, this doesn’t solve a problem, it just passes the buck.


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