National Service - Post Three of "Ten Reforms That Might Just Work"

Following on from the last point I made about soldiers working as teachers, I’ve heard several people say that national service should be brought in. Most say it in general, for the whole population. Some, in the grand tradition of everyone sticking their 2p into education, say it should be brought in for the worst behaving students.

Of course, it wouldn’t be proper national service, because they’re not old enough. It would be some sort of cadet boot camp. It should be sufficiently unpleasant and tough enough to make it a sizeable threat though. For some students, it will be tough, temporarily, and will scare them into good behaviour in school.

It should also have the potential to lead to military careers for some of the students. It might be just the kind of challenge that some students need, and so for them, it could be a chance to prove themselves and to discover talents.  

This begs the question: at what age would it start? Would it be for high school students only? What do teachers do while they are waiting for the student to get to ‘national service’ age? Would the training get harder the older the student is? Should it not start out tough in order to be a scary enough deterrent?

I think it would work, but I don’t think I’m the one to make the best sense of the details. 

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