The Education Act 2011

The Education Act went to Royal Assent last Tuesday (15th Nov 11), the final part of it's progress, and is now in force. There's been much talk about it, and I'm willing to bet you are already aware that it details the abolition of several quangos, including the GTC and the TDA, and that there are new 'powers' given to teachers that are designed to restore order in the classroom.

These include in the main part being allowed to search pupils for any item that will disrupt lessons, and the removal of the requirement to give notice of detention. To me, these seem like very small changes and I think they are unlikely to have a massive effect in the classroom. I predict the fact that nothing much will change with regards to behaviour, and this will eventually be blamed on teachers - with leaders citing the fact that the government have made these changes as a way to absolve themselves.

Until the issues of workplace bullying and excessive workloads are challenged, nothing much will change with regards to order in the classroom. 

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