Top Ten Things I've Learned From This Blog: Number 10 It is actually hard to get rid of an established teacher

When I first started this blog, my opinion was that it was too easy to ‘get rid’ of teachers that were deemed incapable. I met a lot of people who disagreed with me, and so I listened to their points, and did some extra research of my own. I’ve changed my mind.

I initially came to that conclusion based on my own experience, where I felt like I was bundled out as quickly as possible for minor capability issues that I am still convinced were no fault of my own. What I have learned is that this happens, and happens a lot, because it is too difficult to fire incapable established teachers.

So, I agree. Once you have passed your PGCE, your NQT and have completed any probationary period that your educational establishment have imposed on you, if you then start to underperform for whatever reason, it is very difficult for management to do anything about it.

But, until you have completed all of that, you are walking in a crazy eggshell land of hyper accountability and micro management where the slightest infringement will have you fired, negotiated out of contract or failed on your assessments.

This is all to avoid the situation later down the road where you are seen to be underperforming and nothing can be done about it. It is like punishing you for having the potential to do the crime, not because you have done the crime.

Do you think that I am right?


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