Ten Ways In Which Suffering Teachers Are Bullied Further

I'm starting a new series of posts from tomorrow that highlights how teachers are treated badly once their card has been marked. A lot of what I write here shows how perfectly competent professionals are bullied, used as scapegoats and driven to mental illness because of the culture that exists in education today. However, it is also virtually impossible to recover from such treatment and go on to have a successful career because of the things that happen regularly that I am going to talk about in this series. 

1. Mental Illnesses Not Treated Seriously
2. Bullying Not Treated Seriously
3. Mental Illness Stigma
4. Poor Verbal Only References
5. Personal Details Leaked To Students
6. Marked As Troublesome Regardless Of Evidence
7. Outcome Of Capability Procedures Decided In Advance
8. Successful Teachers Not Supporting Struggling Teachers
9. Assumption That It Is Too Hard To Get Rid Of Struggling Teachers
10. Assumption That Teachers Have A Lot Of Time Off


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