Teacher's Personal Details Leaked To Students

There is already a culture of consulting students too much on matters that are the concern of adults and professionals only. Most often it is centred around things like lesson planning, classroom rules and recruitment of new teachers. But, it does extend to other things, so that senior management will consider students to be equals, business partners and ‘share holders’, to be placated at all times.

Part of this involves telling students too much about teachers, because as end users and as customers, they, and their parents, need to know what is going on. It’s their right. This is where the pressure comes from on teachers to always be ‘on duty’ both inside and outside of school: if teacher’s were doing anything undesirable while off duty, it is considered a right that everyone knows about it.

The worst way in which this manifests is when details of a teacher’s struggles are leaked to students. For example, a teacher suffering from stress and depression will return to the classroom to find groups of students asking about their nervous breakdown. To a lesser extent, students know the purpose of lesson observations, and know that teachers are being graded and that if they get a poor grade they will be in trouble.

It just gives them too much power. It gives students power to taunt, to push at buttons and to sabotage a teacher’s career. There should be a definite wall of information security, beyond which no parent or teacher can pass. 

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