Top Ten Things I've Learned From This Blog: Number 3 Ofsted are able to manipulate results of inspections

In a similar way, not only can managers twist the results of lesson observations to match their agenda, but Ofsted are able to do the same with regards to their inspections.

The only thing I have direct experience of with regards to Ofsted are being observed, and hearing accounts of other people being observed, and then it worked in much the same way as managers misinterpreting lesson observations. The difference here is that I don’t understand the agenda: I can understand how a manager might want to plant evidence and get rid of someone they consider to be a bad egg though.

I’m not sure why Ofsted might want to give a whole school a particular grade before they even get there, perhaps you readers will be able to enlighten me. All I know is that they can do it, because the lesson grading criteria are the same.

I do know that very often they get it wrong. Darwen Vale in Lancashire received a glowing inspection report, but recently had staff going on strike because of lack of support in dealing with student behaviour. Inspections are not accurate, and as a result of that, you might be observed by an inspector, do very well, and receive an absolute slating.

Have you ever been observed by an inspector and been given an unfair grade? 


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