Top Ten Things I've Learned From This Blog

I started this blog just 5 months ago, and through the research I do for my posts and the connections I've made with people, I've learned a bit more about what it is like to be a teacher that is in addition to my own experience. Some are things that I have realised are much more important after I've met more people who experienced the same, and some are completely new things that I've learned. All of them add up to teachers not being supported properly to do their jobs.

Number 1: Managers make personal comments
Number 2: Managers are able to manipulate the results of lesson observations
Number 3: Ofsted are able to manipulate results of inspections
Number 4: Everyone has an opinion on what teachers should be doing
Number 5: Successful teachers are not supportive of struggling teachers
Number 6: Education ministers are looking to create a legacy
Number 7:  Everyone thinks teachers shouldn’t have a personal life
Number 8: Teaching theories are mostly crap
Number 9:  Everything works in cycles
Number 10:  It is actually hard to get rid of an established teacher

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