Tom Bennett: "Deliver Us- the miracles that education reform needs."

You've just got to read the latest post on Tom Bennett's blog, "Deliver Us- the miracles that education reform needs. In it, he discusses exactly why the fact that everyone has an opinion about education is a problem, stating,

"...decisions get made concerning teachers that have almost no input from teachers themselves."

"At no point did anyone say, 'You know what? Let's ask some teachers.' A decade (plus change) later, and teaching was buried under the weight of geological layers of good intentions and late-night ruminations. All created by people who never went to a state school, let alone taught in one."

"...there are so many people who want to stick their oar into education."

"The people who often run education, who shout loudest about education, who have influence and clout in education- are often the ones who know least about it."

The fact that everyone and his dog knows exactly what is wrong with education is not only embarrassing for the profession - I've never met anyone who says it's a great system that they really believe in - but it also undermines the professionalism of teachers. As a result, a lot of people, including teachers, describe teaching as not being a profession at all.

Less gimmicks, please, and less searching for silver bullets and quick fixes, and more proper content that takes time to decide on and deliver and move towards and that has stemmed from consulting the right people. Education is not delivering what anybody wants from it.


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