Things I Wish Were Different About Teaching: Number 6 Relevant Methods of Study

I think students would be much more engaged in lessons if they could mimic the way in which they would go to find out information or develop a skill for themselves. A student would not sit with a text book answering questions in handwriting in an exercise book, or listen to a lecture on a subject the lecturer has chosen themselves, or complete tasks that are completely abstract to any real skill they perceive they will need to get ahead.

They would be googling things, and watching instructional videos on youtube, and reading how to guides online and posting comments at the bottom of them. They would be asking their friends, instructing each other one on one and sharing links over Twitter with industry professionals.

Students commonly fail to see the relevance to what they do in class to what they will need to know further down the line, and I think the way in which they are instructed is as much to blame as the things they are being instructed about.

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