Things I Wish Were Different About Teaching: Number 1 No faddy things that need to be evidenced in planning

VAK learning styles, the 7 intelligences, Every Child Matters… these are some of the things that I have been asked to reference on my schemes of work and lesson plans. Sometimes I was asked to reference them in brackets after the end of each activity I’d described, and sometimes there were 3 or so extra columns on a scheme of work meaning I had 3 words per line in all the columns that were on there.

It took an excessive amount of time to complete. I never used that information. It was done to tick a box on some senior managers desk ready to show the Ofsted inspectors. All that time I spent putting code letters in brackets next to every 5 min increment of every lesson of every term… I could have spent it talking to a student or providing feedback on work.

I don’t dispute that they are valuable systems under which to work, particularly every child matters, but I think it is a pointless and time consuming task to have everything in all of them evidenced all the time. It doesn’t get read, it doesn’t all get checked and it never gets used.

Surely there is a better way for these to be evidenced that actually adds value and gets used? Maybe not adopt all of them? Maybe not evidence all lessons? I’m not sure of the solution. But this set up is excessive and a waste of precious time.

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