Teaching Compared To Business And Found Wanting: "A Tale Of Two Industries"

Daniel Ken has written a very good article on the Front Lip blog about how teaching compares to business, and how that shows how wrong education has got it.

In it, he goes through a scenario where a business is shown to definitely put people first over anything. A lot of modern businesses realise that in the 21st Century it is all about people, and connections between people. It's the modern way to work, and it's what people value most over anything. 

With every physical good getting pirated online, and every metaphysical good being subject to league tables and spin that don't mean anything to anyone, genuine connection is the last thing left that actually has value. Business gets that. Business has to get that, or it will not be a business any more.

In education, and in the second scenario Ken describes, people are put last. You and I already know that, but this is a really good new angle to look at it from. 

Can you imagine if people were always put first in teaching? Teachers bouncing around the school happy, knowing they're doing well and what's expected of them, and knowing they can go home and have a life after it. Students with genuine respectful relationships and connections, not just with teachers, but with senior managers too. People who get each other and look after each other and want the best for each other.

If education were a business, it's staff and students would have abandoned it long ago and it wouldn't exist anymore. It's such a simple way of expressing what's wrong with education: the people in it just don't matter to anyone.


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