Top Ten Frustrations As A Teacher: Number 6 No Jobs

There are no jobs anywhere at the moment, but there are definitely none in teaching. There is now a backlog of graduates from the last couple of years who are unable to secure positions, so year on year competition is getting fiercer and fiercer.

It’s heartbreaking to complete teacher training, which requires a lot of effort, only to be unable to start your NQT year because of a lack of jobs. The way the system is means that people can’t complete their training, and NQT years are left half finished, and not begun.

More alarmingly though is the desperation of the job seekers. Applicants are willing to accept jobs that they usually would not: in schools they know they don’t fit into, subjects they aren’t as strong in and in job roles that are unsuitable.

This has a dire effect on students in their class: to have a non-specialist who is looking to move into a better post as soon as possible is not what they deserve. Similarly, teachers deserve to be able to teach the subject and age range for which they were trained.

Are you a fully qualified teacher unable to find work?


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