Top Ten Frustrations As A Teacher: Number 7 Lack of support for challenging and special students

This is quite a serious one, because it seems that not only teachers are lacking support in dealing with this type of student, but of course the student is not receiving the care they need either.

I think if outside parties knew how little training teachers receive in how to support specific groups of special needs students, they would be shocked. Quite often, teachers receive no training whatsoever, and it is only on meeting a particular individual in class that they are compelled to research themselves how to support them.

It’s not just the lack of training that is a problem, but also the lack of support in the classroom. Teachers are reliant on classroom assistants and SEN co-ordinators to support them and to take over where their training finishes. Simply put, there are just not enough of them to support all the students who require their services, leaving teachers to support the student alone.

Also, teachers often feel left out alone when it comes to challenging students. When following behavioural management techniques and policies, sometimes it is necessary to escalate the problem to a more senior member of staff. Many times teachers complain that at this stage nothing additional ever happens, and it’s back to the classroom as normal with not a word heard from senior staff. 

Do you feel unable to support SEN students in your classes?


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