Teachers on strike over student behaviour: Head suspended

Hilary Torpey, the head of Darwen Vale, where teachers recently went on strike over a row on student behavior and procedures for dealing with it, has been suspended.

The chair of governors, Don Heatlie-Jackson, states that is it a neutral act that has been carried out 'without prejudice'.

Now the school is not only in temporary accomodation (the school is being rebuilt and students are being taught in former Holden Fold school buildings), but has a temporary head and assistant head. There is no mention of the current assistant head in any article I have read.

The move implies that the brunt of the complaints from teachers were aimed at Torpey, although does not tell us anything about whether allegations were true, or whether she will be held accountable for the issues raised. Governors are also all still in place.

Original Post: Teachers on strike over student behaviour

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