The British Education System is Our ‘Greatest National Crisis’ Says David Starkey”

The historian David Starkey, who recently appeared as a teacher on Jamie Oliver's Dream School, has said that the money spent on education in this country might as well have been "burned" because it is making “not a blind bit of difference”

Starkey failed to manage the behaviour of his assigned class of 20 students on the programme, and spoke about what he had learned from the experience at a conference at the fee paying Brighton College.

The Telegraph reported that he said:

“It seems to me that with those kinds of children in that kind of school the great missing ingredient is simply what we call discipline.
“For somebody to learn somebody has got to allow them to learn. There cannot be this indulgence of individual misbehaviour, whatever the reasons for it, however deprived the background.”

My own opinion is that this is yet another person with no training or experience in education sticking their oar in. Without that, he was unable to comment on exactly how this magical missing ingredient of 'discipline' would  be brought into force. I am concerned that he thinks it is simply a matter of teachers letting students 'get away with it', when he was unable to manage behaviour in person himself.


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