What To Do
If You’re Unhappy With Your Working Conditions

If you feel like you can’t cope with your current working conditions in school
If you are worried that you are about to be targeted for capability
If you want to be proactive and get the situation sorted

Then this advice guide is going to help you.

In it, I detail 10 practical ways in which you can do something about your working conditions early on, before your school do something about you. You need this information for these reasons:
  • If you don’t speak up now, SMT will presume it’s your poor performance that’s to blame
  • If you can nip issues in the bud, then you give yourself more of a fighting chance
  • If you can stand your ground, you might scare off a potential bully
Don’t let them make your working life impossible and then blame you for not coping. Most of what I have put into this advice guide comes from personal experience, and other people’s accounts of their personal experiences, so you know that it’s insider information that you can trust.

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When it does, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the content, and remember you can also contact me for further personal advice, so please email me. 


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